Is the Otterbox Defender a good case?

It has built its reputation on making the toughest most durable cases around that will protect your smartphone from just about anything. Otterbox has a number of different lines of cases which it calls “series.” The cases will work with iPhone and many popular Android smartphones, as well.

The Otterbox Defender series is very well named, because this series also lives up to its namesake.  The Defender series is built to defend your phone from all manner of drops, bumps, and scrapes. It just looks tough. You get a dual layer of protection here, but the outside polycarbonate layer is thick and tough. All of your ports are protected, as well, with covers that easily slip open when needed.

The phone case comes with a belt clip, which should give you an idea of who this case is meant for. It’s meant for tough situations with people who keep things on their belts, such as construction workers and others who spend a lot of time outdoors. It is guaranteed that an Otterbox Defender will make a good effort at standing up to anything you throw at it.

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